Minnie Mouse Birthday

This was for my nieces 2nd birthday. It was Minnie Mouse and zebra themed. I made a 3 tiered Minnie Mouse cake, cupcakes, guava turnovers, chocolate covered strawberries, whoopie pies, Oreos, cotton candy, cake pops, caramel and chocolate covered apples, and chocolate covered pretzels.

20130202-160411.jpgCake Table

20130202-160432.jpgChocolate and caramel dipped apples with marshmallow ears

20130202-160454.jpgChocolate covered strawberries

20130202-160533.jpgStrawberry whoopie pies with vanilla buttercream filling

20130202-160549.jpgCake pops

20130202-160603.jpgChocolate dipped oreos

20130202-160620.jpgCotton Candy

20130202-160634.jpgyellow cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

20130202-160648.jpg3 tiered yellow and chocolate zebra cake covered in fondantĀ 20130202-160702.jpg3 tiered yellow and chocolate zebra cake covered in fondant